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College value & tuition

Let me start out by saying that I truly do appreciate the education & experiences that I received at my college – R.I.T. (Rochester Institute of Technology)

But this video does raise some points while being very critical of todays “college degree” … take it with a ‘grain of salt’

My Initial response … damn

19 minutes in – Refund check anyone?

Too much financial Aide? I don’t know about that… if it’s true then people just aren’t motivated enough to find it.

“anyone with a heartbeat can get a 4.0 average”
I don’t know about that one buddy. The University that I went it was a challenge to get close to that GPA.


In regards to the U.S. not being a manufacturing country, part of the blame is workers, more like Unions in my opinion, demanding higher pay.
If I own a company I should be able to pay whatever dollar amount I feel like as long as it’s within the legal minimum wage – if you don’t want to do it, then someone else will for that price.
That’s what helped this country grow – manufacturing. Now because of higher labor costs, manufacturing is outsourced to other nations (i.e. China). If a company has to bring down its costs, the common action would be to cut labor.
If you can’t accept a job for what it pays then find another job.
There’s millions of other people looking for any job opportunity, especially those new to this Nation.
If a company is taking away something from you, then yes fight for it. But if you’re demanding higher pay as a group, don’t be selfish about it as not everyone within the group is equal – really.
Not everyone performs at the same level of quality, has the same experience, or has been with the company the same amount of time.