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LIC Piers

A great place to just come by for a walk or to relax.

Pepsi Cola and Queensboro Bridge
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Lady in the Blue Dress

So after a few drinks (to the say least) Jess ends up dancing the night away…

Life Videos

Party in the rain at Hudson River Cafe

I set up a friends birthday party at Hudson River Cafe, a venue where the majority of it is outdoors …
(Yes, Katty is in the video … no there wasn’t a wet t shirt contest lol)

Needless to say after some drinks, we just didn’t care and kept dancing & partying in the rain and it was heavy at times.

oh yea … that guy yelling in the beginning of the video was not me O:-/

Life Videos

Beach – w SeƱorita & company

Random day at the beach with a good friend & company …

And here she is with the longest attempt in getting out lol

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College value & tuition

Let me start out by saying that I truly do appreciate the education & experiences that I received at my college – R.I.T. (Rochester Institute of Technology)

But this video does raise some points while being very critical of todays “college degree” … take it with a ‘grain of salt’

My Initial response … damn